Culture doesn’t come in a box

What happens when an organisation benchmarks its culture against its competitors?

Culture that delivers productivity and long term results can’t come out of a box, or off the shelf. Build your culture to fit your strategy.


Improve your performance

20-30% of the performance differential between organisations comes down to culture.

Research driven culture assessment

Three years research and development backed by 20+ years experience in culture change.

Delivering real results

Culture action plans that deliver short, medium and longer term change.

Accreditation for HR professionals

Organisational change practitioners can become an accredited user of the Strategic Culture Gauge (SCG). This accreditation is through completion of a practical and experiential two day workshop that covers five modules.


Different Reporting options

Three reporting options are available for you to interpret and make most effective use of your culture assessment results.

Benchmarked against your strategy

Measures key cultural qualities that are the enabling or limiting ingredients to delivering your strategy.

Comprehensive and precise

The Strategic Culture Gauge provides a comprehensive and precise assessment of culture across 24 ‘cultural qualities’.

See results in as little as six weeks

Receive tangible and effective action plans for measurable culture change in your organisation from as little as a six week assessment timeframe.

Psychology-based HR Consulting Solutions

Our psychology-based Consulting solutions are derived from best practice HR methodologies, ongoing research and proprietary leading edge tools.

We understand businesses and industry sectors are different, therefore our Consulting solutions are tailored to the needs of individuals, teams and organisations.